How To Overcome Fear

Oct 6, 2021 | Self-Help

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by fear so much that it prevented you from doing something you want to do? This is a common problem faced by many, but the good news is you can learn how to overcome fear easily.

Fear has the power to hold you back from taking risks, becoming successful, and following your dreams, but only if you allow it to. The bad news is if you allow it to control you long enough, it can diminish your quality of life and keep you from achieving your goals.

Fear is nothing more than a conditioned response, a natural reaction to an unfamiliar situation. While fear is usually an automatic response, there are things you can do to overcome it. Read further for some ideas on how to overcome fear.

How To Overcome Your Fear

 1. Check Your Expectations

Do you usually expect the worst in every situation or worry obsessively about what could go wrong? One main contributor to fear is the prevalence of negative expectation. Rather than focus on what can go wrong, instead focus your attention on your strengths and capabilities.

If you try to see the positive side of each situation and expect the best, you’ll find yourself much less fearful in dealing with what’s going on. Keep reminding yourself that you can handle more than you think. If feelings of fear creep in, you’ll still be able to keep them in perspective and balance them when you instill a sense of confidence in yourself.

2. Do The Thing You Fear

When you understand that fear is simply a feeling, you take away its power. The feeling of fear can’t harm you and you can choose to ignore it and move forward (except, of course, in a truly threatening situation).

When you weigh the pros and cons of a situation, you can decide that the possibility of a negative consequence is minimal. Therefore, there’s nothing to stop you from ignoring your fear and moving forward.

The point is not to become reckless in your decision making but to empower yourself to know when a fear is easy to overcome.

3. Discredit Your Fears

Most of the things you fear will never come to pass. While this may be true, it won’t feel that way when fear has such a grasp on you. Look at your fear a little more closely when it arises. You’ll notice that it can be dismissed.

Here’s an example: You have a presentation to give, but you have a fear of public speaking. You may feel as if your livelihood is on the line and you fear getting fired. You also worry that your boss will lose respect for you if you don’t do a good job.

In most cases, this is very unlikely to happen. Instead of worrying and fretting over what might happen if what you fear comes about, brainstorm some ideas to help improve your performance. You can be well prepared, practice with your family members, and even write notes to help you, etc.

Take The Power Away From Fear

Follow these tips to guide you on how to overcome fear and don’t give fear the power to prevent you from living your best life. Remember, most of the things you fear will likely not even occur. When you allow fear to hold you back from taking risks, you prevent yourself from growing. Don’t let this happen because you are strong and can overcome many obstacles, by letting go of the fear.

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